Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Time to Renew, not Restart!

**I realized that Mitchell Morsels has been sadly neglected through 2013 in part because of the hectic pace of life & in part because I tend to "get going" on something and my morsel turns into a book! I intend to write more often in 2014 and that starts with a change in expectation & focus. So here I go...

      The word that jumped out of my Bible reading today was RENEW.  Webster's defines RENEW as "to make new again; to revive; begin again; bring back to its initial state; unimpaired by use or influence." 
      A nice January thought: renewal. Most people resolve to do better - to exercise more, eat healthier, be more careful with their money, read the Bible or attend church .We look at January as a time to revive things that were neglected, or to kick up the intensity of things we do. However, instead of restarting the same things again with fresh motivation, I encourage you to look at your life with renewal in mind. Renewal starts as we have accepted Christ into our lives. He has made us "new creations". In Romans 12:2, we are told to avoid becoming like the world by renewing our minds, & therefore proving what God has found acceptable & perfect as His will for us. According to the amplified Bible, renewing our mind means being transformed and changed by new ideals & attitudes, which are distinctly different from the customs, beliefs, & norms of our current society. Untainted; clean! So how can my life be changed & transformed into a more perfect image of Christ, which is my goal? What habits, attitudes, thoughts or actions do I need to incorporate into my life in order to be a better witness, a more fulfilled Christian, & have a deeper relationship with God? What if I look at my life as a clean slate which has not been ingrained & molded by worldly ideas, but is ready to see life with Biblical perspective? What if I see myself as unimpaired by past failings, betrayals, hurts, & attitudes & regard myself as being brand new - back to an initial state of purity, strength & vitality? Forgiven, redeemed, justified, whole. Not whitewashed but NEW.
       Of course, it will take spiritual focus & continual redirecting in order for me to accomplish this. I need to be more intentional about those things God has provided to help me: Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, studying the Word...& that will motivate me to move ahead, as the Apostle Paul did, to forget those things that are behind, in my past, in my former ways, & press toward the high calling, the achieving of all that God has for me - in my life, my ministry, & my relationships.
That would truly be Renewal!

Just a few thoughts to begin the new year!

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